Cyber Security Working From Home

What Are the Biggest Cyber Security Risks for Remote Workers?

Malware attacks

Social engineering




WiFi Security

Tips to Increase Cyber Security Working from Home

Separate your company and personal devices

Install a good antivirus software

Offer cyber security training to your employees

Don’t use public WiFi

Secure your home WiFi network

  • Use a unique SSID, router name, and password (type in your browser to do that);
  • Choose a complex password that contains letters, numbers, and characters;
  • Switch to a WPA2 network encryption security method;
  • If necessary, limit network access only to a few MAC addresses (every device that connects to the network has its own MAC address)

Beware of phishing attacks

Use a safe VPN

  • Use a safe provider;
  • Update from a Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol to a Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) for better encryption;
  • Make it a rule for your remote employees to change their passwords regularly;
  • Use a robust authentication method, not just username and password;
  • Ask your remote staff to use the VPN only during work hours.

Download only from direct sources

Lock your devices to prevent unauthorized access

A centralized storage cloud and file backups

Be careful of video conferencing attacks

  • Use passwords for people to join a meeting;
  • Purchase a webcam cover for when you aren’t using it;
  • Always install the latest patches or updates;
  • Use the web browser version instead of the desktop version (typically, security updates are implemented faster on the web browser version);
  • Look for software with end-to-end encryption.

Choose strong passwords

Use two-factor authentication

Use secure APIs

  • Create a proper authentication for the API, such as one-time passwords, digital identity profiles, etc.;
  • Try using SSL/TLS encryption for data that’s in transit;
  • Strengthen the API authorization controls;
  • Perform external attack simulations to discover API weaknesses and blind spots.

Some Key Examples of Cyber-Attacks

Adobe (2013)

My Fitness Pal (2018)

Facebook (2019)

Marriott Hotels (2018)

A Final Word




Tech Entrepreneur, CyberSecurity innovator and author. Developer at heart. Co-founder/CTO of @LoginRadius, Upcoming stuff:

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Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta

Tech Entrepreneur, CyberSecurity innovator and author. Developer at heart. Co-founder/CTO of @LoginRadius, Upcoming stuff:

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