The Future of Cyber Attacks

Key Cyberattacks in the last 12 months

1. Phishing attack in the era of Covid-19

2. The Notorious Ransomware Attack

3. Attacks on IoT and IIoT

4. Password Compromise

5. Identity Theft

6. Insider Threat

What Are The Lessons From The Biggest Cyberattack?

1. There’s nothing new about the threats

2. Several organizations are unbelievably vulnerable

3. Prioritize Data Backup

4. Develop an Incident Response Plan

5. Paying Ransom only create an opportunity for more attacks

What Would Cyberattacks Look Like In The Future?

Deepfake and Synthetic Voices

Conversational Economy Breach

Security Cam Video Data Breach

Apple/Google Pay Fraud

3 Things To Do To Stay Protected

Secure Your Hardware

Encrypt and Backup Your Data

Educate Your Employees




Tech Entrepreneur, CyberSecurity innovator and author. Developer at heart. Co-founder/CTO of @LoginRadius, Upcoming stuff:

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